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Modern Masjid, Modern Message (MM2)

Be a part of rebuilding Masjidul Taqwa, a historical legacy for the entire west coast! As the oldest masjid on the West Coast established by indigenous people, Masjidul Taqwa is a beacon for Muslims and Islam across the Americas. This community tells the history of Islam in this country from the descendants of former slaves in the path of the early sahabas, Islam transformed their lives and in doing so transformed a county. These descendants joined with Muslims from all over the world bearing witness to that "modern message" that transcends time and transforms lives - "There is no G-d but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger!"

Rebuilding, Masjidul Taqwa San Diego, will allow us to better serve in this historical capacity, increase our ability to address the growing needs of the broader community, and further meet the needs of our diverse Muslim community.

Masjidul Taqwa has embarked on a bold new first! MM2 will be rebuilt with Allah (swt) creation in mind. It will, insha Allah, be a "Green Building" in that its structure and using process will be environmentally responsible and resource-efficient from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition!

Be a part of this legacy invest in Masjidul Taqwa San Diego, Modern Masjid, Modern Message rebuilding campain and make your reoccuring donation starting today!

  • Floor Plan
  • Specs

Modern Masjid with a Modern Message:

These two terms describe the two separate aspects of our project. Likewise, these two terms identify the goals of our community's efforts to remodel a historical physical structure and continue to inspire humanity with an ageless spiritual message.

What will make this a modern physical structure?

The new Masjidul Taqwa will reflect the fusion of local modern architecture with the beautiful traditions of "Classic Islamic Architecture". This synthesis will be both inside and out. The design will reach far beyond the functional considerations of architecture's usual criteria of purpose -- access, capacity, construction technique and financial viability – this will simply not be enough. The new Masjidul Taqwa will essentially be about the beliefs, ideas, practices and abstract principles materialized in form and function. Masjidul Taqwa will be designed to uplift the spirit and feed the soul. Some of the features of the construction will be:

  • LEED Certified incorporating environmentally friendly low impact design and materials.
  • Photovoltaic solar panels
  • Low water use plumbing fixtures; Low VOC paints and wood varnishes
  • Gray water systems for landscaping
  • Green roofs and walls
  • Extensive insulation
  • The use of day-lighting techniques and energy efficient lighting
  • Edible landscaping
  • We expect to be "carbon neutral" with the goal to be "net zero" for electrical energy use; which means that the Mosque will produce as much electricity as it uses. The building itself will demand in its beautiful and artistic coherence a much needed social gathering place for the San Diego Muslim and Non-Muslim community.


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    2575 Imperial Avenue
    San Diego, CA 92102
    (619) 239-6738